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Buy AA Chips online from Sober Camel with confidence. We have been providing groups, individuals, businesses and courts with tokens of inspiration for their self help programs since 1997.
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We offer fast secure check-out,  fast shipping and great service!

Most AA Chip orders are shipped within one business day of receiving them. In most cases orders ship in the order they are received and processed. However, although it is unusual, we do occasionally experience delays for a variety of reasons.

Our standard method of shipping AA Chips is USPS priority mail for most orders. Small orders weighing less than 8 oz. may be shipped first class. Most orders ship within 1 to 2 business days, sometimes the same day.

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If you need express shipping, please contact us. Express shipping starts at $19.50 for a flat rate envelope. Express shipping is 1 -2 days depending on your location. UPS overnight starts at about $30 for the smallest package.

US Shipping is $5.95 for the first $150.00 - over $150.00 is $5.95 plus 1%

International shipping is currently set to $18.00 for each $150.00 - we will use international flat rate mailers.

We have added a third rate for Canada - $15.00 for each $150.00 - flat rate international mailers.
Unfortunately, is is not an exact science and if the program should over-charge, we will refund any extra

Florida delivery requires 7% sales tax will be added to your order.

We are happy to accommodate quick shipping when we can. Call 813.651.5768. - However the fastest way to get an order is usually to place the order because they are shipping in the order they are received.

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